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American Express and Apple: A New Era of Financial Collaboration?

Apple Card Amex Goldman Sachs 1 min read , July 3, 2023
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In the ever-evolving world of finance and technology, opportunities for innovation and growth are abundant. One such opportunity is currently unfolding as Goldman Sachs looks to offload its collaborations with Apple, including the Apple Card. This move could pave the way for American Express to step in and take over the credit card partnership with Apple.

Why is Goldman Sachs Exiting?

Goldman Sachs' decision to exit its partnership with Apple is part of a broader strategy to step back from its Main Street aspirations. Here are some key reasons:

Financial Performance:

Goldman Sachs logged a $470 million loss on the partial sale of its book of Marcus loans. Additionally, the latest results showed potential headwinds in the credit card business. At $15 billion in the most recent quarter, credit card loans were down from $16 billion at the end of the year.

Strategic Realignment:

The financial industry is highly dynamic, and companies often adjust their strategies based on market conditions, regulatory environment, and their own financial performance. In this case, it appears that Goldman Sachs is realigning its focus and resources.

The Opportunity for American Express

The potential exit of Goldman Sachs from its collaborations with Apple presents a significant opportunity for American Express, particularly with younger, tech-savvy consumers who are well-versed in the Apple ecosystem.

Demographic Shift:

American Express has noted a 28% increase in spending by millennials and Generation Z in the first quarter, with over 60% of new consumer accounts globally coming from these cohorts.

Tech-Savvy Consumers:

If American Express successfully integrates with the Apple ecosystem, it could tap into this growing market segment, creating a strong "crossover" of tech-savvy consumers who are both financially aware and willing to engage with credit products.

This potential move is not just about business growth; it's about meeting the evolving needs of consumers and providing them with the financial tools they need in a digital age.

The potential partnership between American Express and Apple could mark a new era in the intersection of finance and technology, driven by the evolving needs and behaviors of younger, tech-savvy consumers.

Source: https://www.pymnts.com/credit-cards/2023/will-american-express-gain-apple-card-young-consumers-goldman-sachs-fizzled/

Apple Card Amex Goldman Sachs