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Renjit Philip

Can our kids inspire us?

Inspiration 2 min read , February 3, 2024

I certainly think so, and I had such a rush of endorphins this last Thursday when I saw my daughter on the stage for the Emirates Literature Festival. There is something to be said about parents living their lives through their children!

She wrote and painstakingly illustrated this book during the pandemic in 2020 and self-published it on Amazon in February 2021. While most of us were living in fear, she chose this moment to write a book. So, what is the story all about?

As Isabel writes in the blurb for her book, "The Adventures of Mop-dog and Puggle":

"It all goes down in flames. Literally. The house burns. Nacho Ves looks furious. He is not even looking at the animals. He is shouting angrily into his phone. The fire truck rolls in. But I don't notice that. I notice many other things. The flutter of wing beats. The thump of hoofbeats. The meow of a cat.

The flicker of movement in bushes and trees of our backyard. The notorious yapping of my insufferable brother. I also notice that my once loud, mop-like, bounding friend is quieter than ever." What happens when a pair of pugs, a Komondor dog, and a fire come together?

A rollicking adventure follows when the dogs embark on a journey from their first-ever home—one full of birds, rabbits, dogs, horses, and a cat.

All they are looking for is a home full of love and fun. In a world where animals experience the best and worst of the human species, will Mop Dog and Puggle find their happily-ever-after home?"

While I am proud of her for writing the book - that is not the only thing that gave me the endorphin rush. Isabel is a somewhat shy kid who shies away from publicity (she did not get those genes from me!).

She is often tongue-tied when faced with people and finds it difficult to say a single word. For her to sit on the stage and answer questions from the audience took courage and genuine effort.

I was happy to see her interacting and happily signing her book for the lovely folks who bought it. That really inspired me. I want to push the boundaries and do things that make me uncomfortable.

I must thank the Emirates Literature Foundation and the Festival organizers for giving her this platform and encouraging her. The Emirates Literature Festival has been connecting local book lovers with the world's best literary talent. With over 100 authors in attendance each year, it is the biggest celebration of literature and ideas in the Middle East. It is going on in Dubai right now (until 6th Feb) and is worth a visit for all book lovers.

By the way, the links to buy the book are below.

I am biased, but I think it is a smashing read for kids who like animals!

I apologize for this non-business post from me. What to do-It is a Proud Dad Moment!