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Renjit Philip

Rise of the micro-influencers:

e-commerce micro-influencer 1 min read , June 21, 2020

Who knew that my e-commerce assignment would lead to a rich vein of learning? Most of us know about influencers- individuals with a sizeable international following on Instagram and recommendations from whom serve as social proof for your brands.

Pic: Gustavo Fring on Pexel

My clients use another newer breed of influencers, who have followers between 1k to 15k in number typically and who are good at a unique niche (say Korean cosmetics), and are primarily local to a city/region. These influencers can be matched to your brand using platforms such as GetCarro or Indahash. You offer them a free product, and then they create an Instagram story and post to recommend your product to their followers.

Why are they useful for your brand? Because social proof is an excellent way to increase visits to your online shop and also to fight those dreaded abandon rates (see my previous post on e-com).

Points to note while working with influencers:

  • A large following is not enough; the engagement rate of their followers is vital too.
  • Take time to study the previous posts to ensure that the influencer's values align with your brand's.
  • Also, don't expect magical results from all influencers. Before you land on influencers who drive sales, you have to try out many.

Be patient, experiment, and try this old/new distribution channel.

e-commerce micro-influencer