written by
Renjit Philip

Take care, founders

Wellness 1 min read , June 24, 2022

#WorldMentalHealthDay 🧠 — How do you take care of your mental health as a Startup founder?
It has become "cool" to show that we are always switched on, have 100+ emails every day, and respond to every Slack and WhatsApp message within seconds. 

Add this to the high-intensity world of startups where fires are raging all around you, and your company is at the receiving end of customers and investors alike.

Founders are under pressure to show a brave face and hide their problems under the proverbial carpet. The result is mental and other health issues.

Here is a shout-out to all the founders and leaders who are working hard on their businesses. Building a startup is complex, and there are several potential ups and downs on the journey. Taking breaks and vacations is a good thing, and working 24x7 will only result in you burning out.

Take time off to go rest, recharge, spend time with friends and family. Otherwise, you will burn out, take care of your mental health and seek out support if you need it. 
Very few VCs, accelerators, and incubators talk about the need for founders to take care of themselves, which needs to change. Founders: Please remember to sleep 8hrs, exercise, listen to music and spend time alone in meditation. 
Startups are a marathon and not a 100 meters dash!

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