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Renjit Philip

What is Web3.0?

Web3.0 blockchain Decentralized web 1 min read , May 12, 2022

Confused by all the talk about Web3.0? I made an infographic that explains the key differences.

Web3.0 Vs Web 2.0 comparison and infographic
Web3 vs Web2 infographic

The best explanation that I got was by reading Chris Dixon on this subject and I paraphrase- Web 1.0 was all about reading static web pages, Web 2.0 is about web applications where you can read and write (comments/ upload pictures/ videos). Web3.0, by contrast is about read /write and OWN! Where we as users can own digital assets- whether it be content that we create or NFTs or crypto assets like digital land in a metaverse such as Decentraland.

How do you think LinkedIn will evolve - will we own our posts? Will advertisers pay us then to place ads next to our content, and not LinkedIn or?